Colorado-based company, Avantechs, announced that its VorBlade Wing System, which improves the aerodynamics for trucks and trailers, was recently verified by the EPA SmartWay Program.

With the SmartWay verification of the VorBlade Wing System, the technology also now meets the California Air Resources Board aerodynamic technology requirement for trailers that goes into effect Jan. 1.

VorBlade is a vortex generator designed specifically for heavy trucks to reduce aerodynamic drag and mitigate crosswind effects.

The VorBlade System is simple and convenient to use, inexpensive, lightweight (under 50 pounds), and does not require any operating or maintenance procedures.

Recent tests by the Texas Transportation Institute found that a tractor-trailer equipped with the VorBlade technology on the trailer reduced fuel consumption for a Class 8 truck by over 7%, according to the company. For an average long-haul trucker, this translates into an annual estimated cost savings of more than $5,000 per truck.

The VorBlade System also improves the stability of the vehicle by mitigating the hazardous effects of side forces and cross winds associated with wind-related accidents.

Tests have found that VorBlade can reduce the detrimental effects of cross winds by up to 60%. Not only does it reduce the chances of trailers rolling over during high winds, but it also helps decrease driver stress and fatigue during those periods, notes the company.

Originally posted on Trucking Info