New AI Applications for Electric Fleets | Electric eCascadia Trucks Roll Out for Service | Long-Range Planning for Electric Vehicles


As ChatGPT introduces regenerative AI into the business marketplace, look for a coming wave of...

AI Uses to Multiply Across Electric Fleet and Remarketing Sectors

ChatGPT and regenerative artificial intelligence could develop endless ways to enhance, transform, and repurpose how the automotive sector operates. And it says we won’t die.

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The Freightliner eCascadia truck can achieve an 80% charge within 90 minutes. Schneider has...

Schneider's Electric Heavy-Duty Trucks Start Off on Regional Routes

Trucking transportation and logistics provider Schneider National rolls out one of the first Class 8 fleets of electric tractor-trailers.

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The agreement also builds on the more than 134,000 chargers available to GM EV drivers  through...

GM, Tesla Expand EV Charging Access

The Tesla Supercharger Network will be open to GM electric vehicle drivers starting in 2024 and will at first require the use of an adapter.

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Fleets use SoC to optimize bus and route resourcing, and manage bus data in the same fleet...

Zonar Expands Electric School Bus Support with State-of-Charge Insights

Equipped with new telematics tools, Zonar will be able to better track EV school bus data.

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Fleet managers should mine the relevant telematics data about usage locations, starts and stops,...

How To Prepare for a Long-Term Electric Fleet

Charged Fleet Webinar Part 1: These firsthand points and tips from the fleet front lines can inform fleet electrification plans of all scales and timelines.

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Future charging and parking infrastructure will have to be built so battery-electric trucks can...

Why Reliable EV Charging Needs Massive New Resources

Video Excerpts: A recent study looks ahead at how to reconcile the demands and needs of electrification with the minerals, materials, and energy sources that can enable it to grow.

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Fleet parking and charging facilities must match and scale to the infrastructure and power...

Lessons for Fleet Managers on EV Parking and Charging

Fleet operations are finding out that charging electric vehicles is a bigger hurdle than anticipated. It raises many questions and choices a fleet manager must navigate.

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