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Delivery Fleets

Indigo Introduces an EV Built for the Gig Economy

How do you produce an electric commercial vehicle for $20,000? Make it lightweight and use patented robotic wheels to deliver a smooth ride. Then create a fintech ecosystem to lower delivery drivers’ cost per mile.

Santa Monica Launches Zero-Emissions Delivery Zone, First in U.S.

The one-square mile zone will provide priority curb access for zero-emission delivery vehicles. The pilot program will also demonstrate medium- and light-duty delivery EVs, electric micromobility delivery solutions, and a medium-duty electric truck-sharing program and charging station.

Proterra To Supply Batteries For Volta Trucks

A deal with Proterra completes Volta Trucks’s strategic sourcing of its electric powertrain. The venture will lead to production of the all-electric 16-ton Volta Zero commercial truck that can deliver freight inside urban areas.

The ElectraMeccanica Solo Gets a Track Workout

Solo is a three-wheel, single-occupant electric vehicle that fits the space between passenger vehicles and micromobility, according to Paul Rivera, ElectraMeccanica's CEO. The company is selling to fleets for urban delivery and service applications.