A1A Software Features New Crane Management Tools

Image courtesy of A1A Software

A1A Software LLC will demonstrate its lift planning and fleet management tools at ConExpo-Con/Agg, March 10-14 in Las Vegas. 3D Lift Plan and iCraneTrax connectivity allow crane owners, fleet managers, and safety departments greater control over jobsite intelligence. Integration allows users of both products to save 3D Lift Plans to iCraneTrax job records and check the availability of a crane to be scheduled before selecting it for lift plan creation.

“When used together, crane owners can improve fleet allocation and manage documentation for a customer and job in one place,” said Tawnia Weiss, president of A1A Software.  

Key features include the ability to:

  • Attach 3D Lift Plan to a job record in iCraneTrax.
  • Run a crane search in iCraneTrax fleet records, checking for availability against scheduled maintenance or other project allocation.
  • Save 3D Lift Plans with job data.
  • Manage documentation.

In 2019, A1A Software introduced five tools for 3D Lift Plan accessible on a tablet or computer: Sketch Pad, Crane Comparison, Load Chart Viewer, Crane Loads Calculator, and Mat Calculator. These tools enable users to input or gather lifting planning information without creating a full lift plan, but which can be saved for later use.

Prior to the show, A1A Software will release the iTeleTrax app for iCraneTrax users. This app delivers access to six different information pages right from a mobile device, making it easier for operators, technicians, or fleet managers to access critical information while on the go or at the jobsite. The iTeleTrax app includes a fleet map overview of key service items, engine-hour and maintenance notifications, DMI engine codes, fleet position for location tracking, and a summary page.

Originally posted on Work Truck Online