Eaton-BAE Systems BEV powertrains.

BAE Systems and Eaton are developing  electric powertrain technology to meet the demands of the commercial truck market.

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BAE Systems and Eaton are expanding their business collaboration to include electric vehicle solutions for heavy-duty trucks, the companies announced.

These solutions will offer OEMs and commercial vehicle modifiers a comprehensive, efficient, advanced, and flexible EV system for a wide range of zero-emission platforms, according to the announcement.

Heavy-Duty Trucking Applications

In 2023, the two companies signed a memorandum of understanding to provide electric drive technology solutions for the medium-duty truck market. The expanded collaboration now includes heavy-duty applications, offering manufacturers a complete line of electric drive systems for commercial trucks above 19 tons.

BAE Systems will now combine its electric motor and suite of power dense electronics with Eaton’s HD 4-speed EV transmission to provide a full heavy-duty EV system. Along with the existing MD-4 solution, the integrated systems are designed for medium- and heavy-duty applications, including pickup and delivery trucks, school and transit buses, and material handling, refuse, and regional haul trucks.

“We are combining our expertise and proven technology to provide customers with a complete EV solution,” said Bob Lamanna, vice president and general manager of Power & Propulsion Solutions at BAE Systems.

“By expanding our scope to include more vehicle ratings, our robust system ensures high performance and reliability across a wider range of classes and sizes,” said Mark Kramer, business unit director, ePowertrain, Eaton’s Vehicle Group.

A Compact and Modular Design

The BAE Systems and Eaton solution delivers technology in an integrated package that meets the demands of the commercial truck market, backed by decades of collective experience in vehicle electrification, the companies said.

BAE Systems’ power electronics feature advanced materials and a compact, modular design that uses fewer parts, making it reliable and adaptable to diverse platforms.

Eaton’s medium- and heavy-duty EV transmissions are purpose-built to increase range, grade capability, and acceleration for commercial electric vehicles.

BAE Systems’ electric drive technology builds on more than 25 years of innovation that powers low- and zero-emission platforms on land and sea, including battery-electric, fuel cell, and hybrid electric vehicles. The company has more than 16,000 propulsion systems operating in transit buses, boats, military and industrial vehicles across the globe with over 5 billion miles of proven performance.

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