Fleet Electrification Exec Joins Massachusetts Grid Modernization Effort

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The new Massachusetts Grid Modernization Advisory Council, which aims to provide the state's utilities and regulators with insights and guidance to accelerate equitable energy transition, has selected Highland Electric Fleets' Amy McGuire to join its ranks.

McGuire, director of market development for the fleet-electrification-as-a-service company, is one of 13 new board members.

Massachusetts has greenlighted new capital in recent months to support more customer participation and access to clean energy programs, approving more than $450M to the state's key utilities, including National Grid, Eversource, and Unitil, to "achieve measurable results like improved storm restoration and address climate change," according to the Department of Public Utilities. McGuire sees this as a good beginning for her work with the Massachusetts Grid Modernization Advisory Council.

"As utilities look to modernize the grid and embrace the transition to electric, they have many important questions around how best to move ahead in a sustainable and equitable way," McGuire said. "I'm grateful to be in a position where I can build upon the work I've done on the policy side, while bringing my on-the-ground experience forging new markets and deploying electric bus fleets with Highland to help benefit all Massachusetts communities."

During a decade of working within the private and public clean energy sectors, McGuire led initiatives in energy resilience, solar financing, energy storage, and electric vehicles, and helped to create the Massachusetts Clean Peak Energy Standard, a first in the nation. At Highland, she is heading up the effort to develop and execute strategies designed to mobilize and empower stakeholders within and around a school district to encourage district leadership to electrify its bus fleet. 

"Amy's experience on the frontlines at Highland has always been focused on education, community engagement, and facilitating cooperation with utilities and stakeholders on how we can design better programs that benefit us all," said Duncan McIntyre, CEO of Highland Electric Fleets.  


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