Blue Arc’s purpose-built commercial EV chassis from The Shyft Group meets the demanding needs of...

Blue Arc’s purpose-built commercial EV chassis from The Shyft Group meets the demanding needs of commercial fleet applications and duty cycles.

Photo: Modine

As commercial fleet owners move to electric vehicles (EVs) to cut emissions, Modine Manufacturing Company, a provider of thermal management technology and solutions, announced working with leading specialty vehicle manufacturer The Shyft Group to deploy a custom EVantage Thermal Management System for Blue Arc EV Solutions medium-duty, Class 3 all-electric delivery vehicle.

According to a release, the Modine EVantage Solution for Shyft delivers an integrated system for battery thermal management, power electronics cooling, and passenger comfort.

Blue Arc’s purpose-built commercial EV chassis from The Shyft Group meets the demanding needs of commercial fleet applications and duty cycles. With the particular focus on the safety of the Blue Arc chassis, the Modine solution fits inside the vehicle frame rails with the other battery elements. This in-rail system design provides better protection for the driver and allows for more customization and functional cargo space than externally mounted batteries on retrofitted trucks. 

“The Blue Arc platform is a first-of-its-kind commercial EV chassis that leverages the strength of Tier-1 suppliers like Modine to deliver critical vehicle systems to meet the high expectations of our customers,” said Eric Fisher, senior vice president and general manager, Shyft Innovations, The Shyft Group. “The collaboration between Shyft and Modine builds on each company’s strengths. Our expertise in developing and manufacturing custom chassis and work truck bodies through our Shyft Work-Driven Design process combined with Modine’s deep experience in EV thermal management for medium-duty trucks means we can help ensure safety and functionality for our commercial electric fleet customers.”

Producing a Complete System

With more than 100 years in transportation industry engineering, Modine produces complete EV thermal management systems that keep these items within optimal temperature ranges under all operating conditions:

  •  Battery.
  • Traction motor.
  • Power electronics.

With the EVantage suite of thermal management products, Modine provides standard and purpose-built solutions that meet the needs of customer applications across the commercial vehicle segment. EVantage products optimize system cooling and heating while minimizing power draw and managing thermal conditions during vehicle operations and charging to improve commercial EV performance, longevity, range, and safety.

"The collaboration with Shyft is anchored in our commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction, and the Blue Arc platform is a clear validation of that approach," said Gina Maria Bonini, vice president and general manager of Advanced Thermal Systems at Modine. "Shyft has a unique chassis layout that provides generous cargo space and extended driver visibility, and we were able to deliver a solution that meets both the cooling and heating needs as well as physical requirements of the platform. We are delighted to be a part of this program and to support Shyft in meeting its performance, safety, and durability goals for electric fleets."

Modine EVantage thermal management systems for commercial EVs are designed, manufactured, and tested for operation in harsh environments and ruggedized to operate reliably in high-vibration applications. Modine uses its state-of-the-art design and testing center, as well as decades of vehicular component testing experience, to ensure that customers can have confidence in the performance and longevity of their high-frequency, last-mile delivery platforms.

Modine customers benefit from a strong portfolio of standard EVantage thermal systems as well as the option to co-develop custom solutions that fit the thermal needs and space constraints of novel commercial EV chassis.

Prefer to watch? Check out the video walkaround with BlueArc at Work Truck Week 2022 in March: 

In September 2022, the Carolina Dealer Group placed an order for 2,000 Blue Arc vans, the first pre-order for the company. Announced earlier in the year, the Shyft Group debuted the Power Cube. The Power Cube offers a mobile, customizable, commercial-grade EV charger that does not need to be connected to the grid.

Originally posted on Work Truck Online