On-road vehicles are the largest emitter of greenhouse gases in Shelby County, according to its...

On-road vehicles are the largest emitter of greenhouse gases in Shelby County, according to its Green Fleet Executive Order.

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Shelby County, Tennessee, Mayor Lee Harris hopes to help combat climate change by moving toward a zero-emissions fleet. Shelby County, the largest county in Tennessee, is home to the city of Memphis. The county's Green Fleet initiative aims to reduce the local government’s "impact on our shared environment and build a more efficient, cost-effective fleet that saves taxpayer dollars."

On August 17, Mayor Harris signed the Green Fleet Executive Order to replace vehicles in the county fleet that rely on fossil fuels with hybrid and zero-emissions electric vehicles. It builds on the mayor's investment in electric and hybrid vehicles. The county recently added its first fully electric vehicle to its fleet. The fleet currently has a Ford F-150 Lightning, a Chevrolet Bolt, and a hybrid Ford Focus.

Earlier this month, the county commission authorized the $350,000 purchase of a fully electric medium-duty dump truck to support the county’s litter collection program.

The Green Fleet Executive Order adopts a goal to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from fleet vehicles by 45% by 2035. Additionally, it calls for expanded vehicle fuel efficiency information for county commissioners when authorizing purchases. It also expedites the replacement of inefficient fleet vehicles, limits the length of time county vehicles can idle, and supports opportunities for expanded fleet modernization.

"The largest emitter of harmful climate change causing emissions is on-road transportation. I’m proud to sign an Executive Order that will empower Shelby County leaders to make good decisions, combat climate change, and save taxpayer dollars," Harris said.

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