Xos vehicles and fleet management software are purpose-built for medium- and heavy-duty commercial vehicles. - Photo: Xos, Inc.

Xos vehicles and fleet management software are purpose-built for medium- and heavy-duty commercial vehicles.

Photo: Xos, Inc.

Xos, Inc., a maker of Class 5 to 8 battery electric vehicles, has entered into dealership agreements with Murphy-Hoffman Company (MHC), a medium- and heavy-duty truck dealer with Kenworth, Volvo, Hino, Ford, and Isuzu franchises. The deal creates MHC Xos, a subsidiary of MHC.

As part of its initial rollout, Xos will partner with MHC Xos in seven locations across six states: Colorado, Illinois, Oklahoma, Missouri, Pennsylvania, and Texas.

The partnership will address the transportation industry's needs for commercial electric vehicles, improve the Xos customer ownership experience, and offer enhanced support in MHC Xos service areas, according to the press announcement.

MHC service centers will keep on hand a full inventory of replacement parts to ensure customers keep their vehicles on the road and maximize uptime.

Any time a driver experiences an issue in the field, MHC Xos services will be contacted for in-field replacements or convenient, efficient fixes. Additionally, there will be dedicated Xos bays at designated locations for service-related needs, providing a value-added service offering to customers.

“We are committed to providing an exceptional experience in every aspect of owning, leasing, and operating an Xos vehicle, from the purchase of the vehicle to on-road maintenance,” said Jessica Savage, head of Dealership Development at Xos. “Establishing a strategic partnership with the industry-leading MHC team builds upon and enhances our excellent customer service and also allows us to expand into new territories.”

Additionally, the partnership leverages the MHC Xos sales team, who can bring the Xos product line to the end user.

“We are pleased to support the future of electrification through this new partnership with Xos and our initial launch of seven locations,” said Rick Walden, EVP at MHC. “Our sales team will help bring Xos vehicles and offerings to meet customer demand while our service offerings will help support a longer lifetime for Xos trucks, and ultimately, help create a more sustainable standard for commercial transportation.”

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