Ultium Chargers will include an 11.5 kilowatt/48-amp smart charger, 11.5 kW/48-amp premium smart charger, and a 19.2 kW/80-amp premium smart charger. - Photo: GM

Ultium Chargers will include an 11.5 kilowatt/48-amp smart charger, 11.5 kW/48-amp premium smart charger, and a 19.2 kW/80-amp premium smart charger.

Photo: GM

General Motors announced a new community charging program to install up to 40,000 Level 2 EV chargers across the U.S. and Canada.

GM will work with its dealers to expand access to charging in local communities including in underserved, rural, and urban areas where EV charging access is often limited.

This initiative will begin in 2022, and it is part of GM's recently announced commitment to invest nearly $750 million to expand home, workplace, and public charging infrastructure through its Ultium Charge 360 ecosystem.

Through the Dealer Community Charging Program, GM will work with its dealers to deploy Ultium charging stations (EVSE) at locations in the dealer’s respective communities, including workplaces, multi-unit dwellings, sports and entertainment venues, college and universities, and more. These charging stations will be available to all EV customers, not just those who purchase a GM EV. 

GM is also announcing that its line of three Ultium-branded Level 2 smart charging stations will be offered to customers through dealerships and online to provide more home or commercial charging options and help make EV charging more widespread.

"These two initiatives are part of our plan to put everyone in an EV, making access to charging even more seamless than before," said Mark Reuss, GM president. "We want to give customers the right tools and access to charging where and when they need it, while working with our dealer network to accelerate the expansion of accessible charging throughout the U.S. and Canada, including in underserved, rural and urban areas."

GM will give each of its EV dealers up to 10 Ultium Level 2 destination charging stations. In addition, GM will help dealers apply for incentives and other funding and access to programs that can expect to expedite the deployment of local EV charging.

GM, its dealers, local community partners, and stakeholders will help facilitate the installation of up to 40,000 Level 2 chargers at popular destinations and workplaces in the areas that dealers serve.

Customers will be able to access nearly 85,000 charging spots throughout the U.S. and Canada.

The Ultium brand name on GM's all-new EV platform, propulsion components and charging ecosystem will soon expand to a brand of Ultium Chargers for residential and commercial use developed with leading vehicle charging specialist CTEK.

GM's family of Ultium Chargers will include:

  • An 11.5 kilowatt/48-amp smart charger

  • An 11.5 kW/48-amp premium smart charger

  • A 19.2 kW/80-amp premium smart charger

All three Ultium chargers are Energy Star Certified, with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. Each charger features dynamic load balancing and can be upgraded over time through over-the-air updates with automatic download capabilities. The two premium models include a customizable touchscreen and an embedded camera.

Customers can set their charging schedule, view statistics on their charging habits and historical charging sessions, and receive readouts of charger status through the GM brand mobile apps.

The first Ultium Chargers will ship early next year with customers able to roll the price into their GM Financial lease or financial contracts.

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