The organization is sharing its dedication to electrification through the group, and is looking...

The organization is sharing its dedication to electrification through the group, and is looking to reduce emissions and transition its own fleet of vehicles.

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On Sept. 16, fleet management company Donlen announce it is joining the Climate Group’s EV100 – a group of companies dedicated to shaping the market for EVs by building demand and establishing electro-mobility as a mainstream transport solution.

EV100 is a broad coalition of companies from various industries located across the globe. Each organization makes a public commitment to be a catalyst for the uptake and adoption of EVs as well as the installation of charging infrastructure. Donlen’s VP of Electrification and Sustainability, Maria Neve, says, “By joining the group, Donlen is committing to achieving net zero emissions on at least 154,327 units by 2030 which represents a significant portion of our customer fleet. Additionally, we will transition our internal fleet of approximately 68 vehicles to EVs and install charging infrastructure at all of our office locations.”

A news release from Donlen says that the commitment will allow them to lead by example and share experiences with customers, helping them make the transition as well ultimately making electric transport the new normal.

Tom Callahan, Donlen’s CEO, is clear, “As we lead the next era in fleet, we are laser focused on helping our customers use EVs to achieve the lowest cost per mile while reducing emissions and achieving sustainability goals.” 

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