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Photo: Pexels

The City of Clearwater, Florida, has adopted a Green Fleet policy that aims to convert 100% of municipal, light-duty vehicles to alternative fuels by 2040. The city stated the transition will allow it to be more resilient, mitigate effects of climate change, increase local air quality, and provide financial savings over the life of vehicles.

The city recognizes the need to curb emissions by transitioning vehicles to low-carbon and carbon-free fuels. In Clearwater, vehicular traffic is responsible for 38% of citywide greenhouse gas emissions. Furthermore, while some models may currently have a higher upfront cost, many electric vehicles also result in overall cost savings when compared to gasoline-powered vehicles. This is due to more affordable electric fuel costs and lower levels of routine vehicle maintenance.

In addition to supporting the adoption of electric and hybrid vehicles by the public, the city aims for its own vehicles to serve as a model. The Green Fleet policy directs the city to create a Green Fleet Committee, which will work with each department to plan for the inclusion of electric vehicles, hybrid vehicles, and vehicle sharing into its fleet. The policy also directs the committee and departments to begin planning for electric vehicle charging stations.

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