Truck Lifecycle Data Index Shows Fuel Savings, Emissions Reduction for Replacements

Source: Fleet Advantage

Fleet Advantage’s latest Truck Lifecycle Data Index (TLDI) shows that fleets are seeing operational savings when upgrading to 2021 MY Class 8 trucks.

According to the company’s Advanced Truck Lifecycle Administrative Analytics Software, the TLDI reports first-year per-truck savings of $16,856 when upgrading from a 2016 sleeper model-year truck to a 2021 model. For a fleet of 100 trucks, this works out to $1.7 million in savings.

“It’s critically important that we keep America’s transportation of goods moving in the most efficient, economical and environmentally safe way possible,” said John Flynn, CEO of Fleet Advantage.

In terms of fuel economy, fleets can save $5,084 per truck in fuel in the first year, a 15% increase in fuel economy and reduction of CO2 emissions, according to Fleet Advantage.

In terms of truck replacement cycles, Fleet Advantage recently helped a wholesale grocer fleet reduce more than 8,500 metrics tons of CO2, as well as cut fuel usage by 848,575 gallons, which came out to more than $2 million in fuel savings.

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